Design new snowmobile model
In 2018 "Russian Mechanics" launches new snowmobile model Frontier-1000 (called Vector-1000 on Russian market).

The upgraded machine construction opens a new stage for the company's product range. And in order for the new engineering solution to become a high-quality Product, we carried out the work on designing a new snowmobile body.
Russian Mechanics
Russian Mechanics has been producing snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles for more than 40 years. RM have a strong position in the Russian market. There are models that remain in high demand for their qualities for decades.
From analysis to implementation
As part of a broad collaboration with the client,
we participated in the early stage of brainstorming the idea of positioning the new flagship model of the tourist class snowmobiles in the market.

Before starting our design work, we conducted a large-scale analytics and studied the snowmobiles of all top companies produced in the last 18 years.

The production cycle of a new product is quite large, so you need to accurately predict the situation in the market "in 2-3 years", thus the new product could fit perfectly in its niche "with a nice neat click".
Sketching the image
We craved to pay attention to every detail. But we only had 6 month, so the work was carried out at an intense pace.
The image of the future product at the first stage is worked out on sketches. The main difficulty and the "challenge" lies in the fact that at this stage you need to introduce and work out a product that does not exist today and which will be strictly evaluated by users of the future snowmobiles.

We searched and fought for the unique appearance. So that this snowmobile could become a starting point for the new and noticeable branch in RM product line.
The result of the work
"Russian mechanics" presented a new model on exhibition in Finland, November 3, 2018. Start of sales is planned on the beginning of 2019.

Take a look with us :)
First of all, I want to note the appearance of the snowmobile. You've managed to create a recognizable character of the machine. FRONTIER does not look like a set of design solutions from other manufacturers.
Perra Husi, a journalist of a specialized publication Kelkkalehti (Finland)